Clothing and Hair

  • All students are expected to come to dance class ready to dance!
  • Suggested clothing below has been recommended to maximize the student’s comfort, and mobility, as well as to provide the instructor with a clear representation of the student’s bodylines for proper movement and analysis during class.



Required Clothing

Up off of the face and neck.
Pull back in ponytail with excess hair/bangs pinned down.
Dance pants, capris or dance shorts (black). Any color or style leotard, camisole or sports bra.
Hip Hop
Introduction to Ballet Up off of the face and neck.

Bun is preferred.
Any color or style of leotard with light pink tights. Ballet skirts or dance shorts are acceptable.
Ballet / Pointe
Any style BLACK leotard and light pink tights. Ballet skirts or dance shorts are acceptable.
Lyrical Ensemble Any color or style of leotard and tights. Ballet skirts or dance shorts are acceptable.
  • Jeans, cargo pants, oversized tee shirts or sweatshirts, pajama tops and bottoms / lounge pants are not permitted.
  • Students who do not show up for class in the correct clothing will not be allowed to dance.
  • All clothing is expected to be clean and inoffensive. Suggestive, vulgar or obscene clothing will not be permitted.
  • Articles left behind at the studio will be retained briefly before being discarded.


  • The right equipment is a necessity for proper technique.
  • All students are required to have the correct, proper fitting footwear for each and every class.
  • Absolutely NO street shoes, tennis shoes or non-dance shoes of any kind will be allowed on the dance floor.
  • Please refer to the following table for the shoe required for your respective class:


Dance Shoe


(Click to Enlarge)
Youth Tap Black ‘Bloch’ Buckle Tap Shoe
Adult Tap Tap Shoe of Choice
ALL OTHER TAP CLASSES Black ‘Leo’ Slip On Tap Shoe
ALL HIP HOP CLASSES Black ‘Liberts’ Jazz Boot
Introduction to Ballet & Junior Ballet Pink ‘Liberts’ Leather Full Sole Ballet Slipper
Pre-Teen Ballet, Teen Ballet & Intermediate Ballet Light Pink ‘Liberts’ Stretch Canvas Ballet Slipper
Lyrical, Senior Ballet, Company Teen Ballet & Company Ballet Nude Stretch Canvas Half Ballet Shoe
Pointe Refer to Miss Carol

Where to Buy

  • All of the required dance shoes, as well as various types of dance apparel can be purchased from either of the following stores:
Action Wear by Reinker
5111 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village
24048 Lorain Road, North Olmsted
  • Only the shoes listed above will be allowed in class unless otherwise cleared by the instructor.
  • Both stores have a list of the required shoes for each class.
  • Simply provide the studio name and your class and they will select the required shoe and size it for you properly.
  • Pointe shoe fittings are done by appointment with the instructor