Tuition and Fees


  • Class duration: 45 minutes or 60 minutes
  • Tuition billed on a monthly basis
  • No refunds for missed classes and does not prorate for months that have at least three available class dates
  • Three billing levels: Competition, Base and Five Year
  • Families enrolled at the studio for a minimum of five consecutive years are offered our lowest rate
  • Introductory levels are billed at the base rate
  • Competition level classes, for advance students, are billed at the competition rate
  • Please contact the studio for current tuition rates


  • Registration fees are assessed per family
  • Registration fees are assessed at the start of each dance session, both fall and summer
  • Registration fees are due at the time of registration and are NOT refundable
  • New Students for Fall: $20 for the first class and then an additional $5 per class
  • Returning Students for Fall: $10 for the first class and then an additional $5 per class
  • New Students for Summer: $10 per new student
  • Returning Students for Summer: $5 per student


  • Each student is provided with a copy of their production song(s) soon after choreography begins
  • There will be a nominal charge of $3 per class/song that the student(s) require music for
  • Maximum charge of $12 per family
  • This fee is applied in February billing


  • Each student requires a costume for each class in which they are enrolled
  • Costume costs typically run between $50 - $90
  • Billing for recital costumes is broken down into three main payments:
    • 1st - $25 (per student, per class) to be included in November billing
    • 2nd - $25 (per student, per class) to be included in December billing
      • Both of these payments are non-refundable
    • 3rd - The balance due on each student’s costume(s) - (typically in January)
  • Once ordered, the costumes are the students responsibility - If a costume is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for the full cost of replacement
  • Additional accessories, ribbons, hairpieces, props etc are billed as required


  • Competitions fees are generally $35 - $45 per student, per class
  • Families are also responsible for overnight accommodations and travel arrangements
  • The studio does offer fund raising opportunities for competition students to help defer these costs
  • New competition students are also responsible for purchasing a competition jacket


  • A non-refundable recital fee of $85 per family is charged in March
  • Six guaranteed recital tickets (per family) included in the recital fee
  • Additional tickets may be purchased in advance for $15 each

Late Withdrawal Penalty

  • May be assessed once choreography for the production piece is started, (typically in October or November)
  • $75 late withdrawal penalty for any student who drops a class after December 1st, 2015
  • $150 late withdrawal penalty for any student who drops a class after January 1st, 2016

Full Year Payment

  • The advance full year payment includes estimates for all charges for the year, including registration, music, recital and costume fees as well as tuition
  • Amounts are provided on a class by class basis, which takes into account estimates for costumes, accessories, competitions etc
  • Payment in FULL by October 1st, receives 1 month of tuition as well as the first costume fee discount
  • Payment in FULL by November 1st, receives 1 month of tuition discount


Pick-Up / Drop-Off and Viewing

  • Students need to come to class prepared, arriving 5 – 10 minutes before your scheduled class time
  • DO NOT arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your classes scheduled start time
  • For students in the 1st scheduled class for any particular day, the studio will remain locked until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start time
  • While classes are in progress, student should quietly enter the studio and wait in the dressing room or the waiting area
  • Students at the studio between classes should also wait in the dressing room or the waiting area
  • DO NOT DISTURB THE CLASS THAT IS IN PROGRESS. This applies to parents, students and guests
  • Please keep conversations to a minimum level
  • Parents are expected to pick up their children promptly after classes have ended
  • Students enrolled in classes on the second level (loft) should NOT proceed up the stairs until the previous, upstairs class lets out, or until summoned by the class instructor


  • Please remember that you are here not only to have fun but also to learn
  • The dance instructor deserves and expects your attention as well as your respect
  • Students need also be respectful and tolerant with each other
  • Disrespectful or disobedient behavior by any student WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
  • Students will receive one verbal warning regarding poor behavior; if the behavior continues, the student will be removed from class
  • We also expect all parents and guests to be respectful of each other, the students and the instructors at all times
  • Parents who are disrespectful to the instructor, or are a disturbance, will be asked to leave the premises
  • The studio reserves the right to PERMANENTLY REMOVE ANY STUDENT for disrespectful or destructive behavior, by either the student, or any family member


  • There is ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE allowed in the dance studio (other than water) at anytime
  • Please eat, and dispose of trash, prior to entering the dance studio


  • Students are strongly encouraged to make every effort to attend class each and every week
  • Absences affect the entire class
  • If a student is chronically absent (more than 2 weeks in a row or 3 weeks in a month) the family will be notified. If, after notification the absence continues, the student will be removed from class


  • There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes for any reason
  • If any student is aware of a future class where they will not be attending (due to illness, vacation, etc…) please notify the instructor or leave a message at the studio
  • If a class is cancelled due to a holiday, weather or teacher illness, no make up classes will be scheduled
  • In the event the Avon School District is closed, please call the studio after noon or check the studio web page to determine if the studio has remained open